High-Quality Scissors for Barbers and Hairdressers. Professional and At-Home Men's Grooming Products

JAKKUSU - The Perfect Cut Every Time

We are excited to introduce our new and powerful brand to the barber, hairdressing and home grooming industry. Our main focus is on providing high-quality, bespoke scissors for barbers and hairdressers, as well as professional men's grooming products for use at home. We are confident that our products will exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goal. Thank you for choosing Jaxs.

Super excited to have received my new scissors.

Im in love with my Amythest stones.

Super sharp 👌

Im glad there was a couple of plasters in the packaging. I laughed when i opened my box, but they sure came in handy 😅

Very pleased

The free merchandise was an added bonus.

Simplicity in its finest form

Introducing the world’s only bespoke scissor/ pivot screw

At JAXS, we have expertly blended our knowledge of scissor-making with the know-how of a skilled lapidarist and the talents of professional paint technicians to produce some of the highest performing and visually stunning scissors in the market.

With over 100 years of experience in the art of bladesmithing our teams manufacturers history pre dates to making samurai swords. From their they have honed their skills into producing the perfect pairs of scissors.

All the other components are manufactured in England to the highest of standards. Creating JAXS tags and allowing us to assemble the blades.

Free Tags with scissors purchase

"Upgrade your cut game! Buy 'The Tag' scissor, get 1 free tag. Set purchase? Enjoy 2 free tags! Discount at checkout"

Adaptable Precision:

The Tag Scissor

Customize Your Cut with Effortless Pivot Screw Changes

Forged in japan

Developed and evaluated by hair professionals in the United Kingdom.

Our blades are expertly crafted by Japanese artisans and rigorously tested by our stylists to ensure they meet the highest standards. Together, we have selected and created unique designs to enhance the blades.



Elevate your game

Jax the ripper

My Jaxs the Ripper arrived today and all my customers have commented how cool they look but its not just the look of them they are by far the best cutting pair I have had the pleasure of cutting with!! Well done guys from the packaging to the product. Definitely recommend 💯%

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A Family run operation

Our youngest member picking up the first batch of screws. Two years in the making, we finalised our prototype.

Jaxs as a brand started as a small everyday town barbers in the UK. It now has all of its family firmly behind the wheel bringing you Jakkusu blades and Jaxs tags.

Indulge in Luxury

MEnliven Proffesional
Skin care

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Contact Us for Special Trade Prices and Training Packs

For exclusive discounted trade prices, get in touch with us today at jaxs.uk@gmail.com By partnering with us, you can resell our premium products in your shop and receive valuable training packs. Take advantage of our short online course to enhance your skills and knowledge further.