Maintaining your scissors

Maintaining your scissors is a straightforward process that guarantees their longevity and optimal performance. With each pair of Jakkusu scissors, you'll receive our oil and cleaning cloth, both of which should be utilized diligently.

For ideal results, make it a practice to wipe down your scissors after every haircut. Additionally, at the end of each day, give them another wipe-down and apply a touch of oil. Our provided cloth is perfect for this task – run it up and down the blades, remembering to clean the top and the seal around the pivot screw. This routine eliminates any residue, stray hair, or debris that might have accumulated.

Once you've wiped down your scissors, apply a drop of oil between the blades, as well as on the front and back of the pivot screw. This ensures that any moisture or chemicals that have accumulated during your workday are eliminated.

Now, the question arises: why sharpen your scissors? It's advisable to have all JAXS shears serviced and sharpened annually. If your workload is quite heavy – let's say 15 or more haircuts a day – consider quarterly or bi-annual servicing. However, if you're primarily focused on coloring and use the scissors less frequently, a yearly sharpening might suffice.

Trust your scissors to communicate their needs. While not sharpening them won't cause immediate issues, they won't perform to their maximum potential.

It's important to note that neglecting sharpening doesn't mean JAXS scissors will deteriorate after six months or a year. Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible product, and we kindly request your support in maintaining that standard.